It is the ultimate in dentistry technology for completing missing teeth. The implant is a device that mimics the root of the tooth, which is inserted into a slot in the bone. It is expected that the bone around the implant will heal for 4-6 months after the implant is placed in the bone slot by surgical procedure. The artificial tooth is then placed on the implant.


Implants are the most expensive method for removing dental deficiencies because of the necessity of surgery, time and new technology. Whether there is a single tooth or multiple teeth, if there is an amount of bone suitable for implant placement, the implant can be used for each event.


Implant screws are structures that have a specific thickness and width. Therefore, in the area where the implant is intended to be placed, the jaw bone must have the height and width to accept this implant screw. The quality of the existing bone is one of the factors affecting the success of the implant.



Implant Treatment

As long as the patient’s general health condition is good, there is no upper age limit to prevent implant application, but it may not be preferred to apply to very young patients with incomplete bone development. The gums must be completely healthy before the implant is made and as long as the implant remains in the mouth.

Considering that implants are foreign bodies in the mouth, you need to spare enough time for cleaning the implants as well as your own teeth. You should remember that regular oral care is the most important factor for the success of this type of treatment.