They are thin porcelain or composite layers adhering to the teeth. They provide a long-lasting and pleasant smile for over-colored or deformed teeth. It is an application that has become popular for people who want a perfect smile.

There are various types: Porcelain laminates should be made according to your teeth in a dental laboratory according to the preparation and orientation made by the dentist. Composite laminates can be made in a single session and are more economical. It is less durable than other laminates. Laminates are made of a special porcelain. Certified and guaranteed.





They are made of porcelain, very thin (0.2 mm) and transparent structure of tooth coatings. Because of the thick structure of conventional veneers, the teeth need to be rasped and cut. Thanks to the fine structure of the laminates, there is no need to cut the tooth during the placement of the tooth coatings. In addition, local anesthesia is not required to apply laminates. Laminates has been proven to be durable for more than 20 years by clinical trials.


  • Placed in a single session.
  • No need to send to lab.
  • Has 20 years research history.
  • It is minimally invasive.
  • It is guaranteed.
  • Application is done within 1 hour.
  • There is no need to remove the sensitive tooth structure.
  • Provides lasting whiteness.
  • Does not stain over time.
  • Durable.