Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry used to make skewed teeth an ideal tooth array using moving or fixed devices, as well as correcting skeletal disorders by growth orientation. The basis of orthodontic treatment is based on the movement of the teeth in the bone by applying the appropriate forces and, if necessary, the ideal relationship of the soft tissues and bone structures to the growth direction. During the orthodontic treatment, the integrity of the teeth is not impaired and the processes such as coatings and fillings are not performed.


Orthodontic treatment with transparent apparatus is a preferred orthodontic treatment method especially preferred by working-young people in the middle-age group. Plaques can be used without disturbing the social life of the person. It is a very effective treatment method visually and functionally.





  • There are many causes of orthodontic problems. These are hereditary (innate) and environmental (postnatal) causes,
  • Patients with inherited discrepancies between tooth size and jaw size,
  • Disorders due to premature loss of primary teeth,
  • In closing the shooting gaps,
  • Orthodontic treatment is performed to eliminate gum diseases and provide oral hygiene.


The American Orthodontic Society recommends that all children be checked by an orthodontist at the age of 6-7. Nowadays, adults are also given orthodontic treatment. Before starting orthodontic treatment, your oral care should be completed and all problems such as filling, gingival and impacted teeth should be treated.