Root Canal Treatment


In cases where the internal nerve (pulp) of the tooth is damaged to the extent that it cannot be healed, it is the process of removing the nerves, shaping the root canals and removing them from microorganisms and then filling the expanded canals.

Oral treatment is a different importance of the tooth, all of them must be protected and necessary treatments canal treatment is a method of treatment of painful inflammatory altered teeth are usually applied in a single session. Pain are not felt during treatment. Rubber dam is applied to the patient and treatment is performed under a microscope.



  • Tooth or jaw impacts
  • Physical irritation caused by deep caries
  • Advanced gum diseases
  • Improperly applied fillings and prosthetic structures
  • Improperly applied orthodontic treatments canal treatment of affected teeth


What does root canal treatment provide us?

The tooth remaining in the mouth by canal treatment will continue to help you chew as your own tooth and will prevent melting of the jaw bones with the bone in that region being active. Further therapies that may force patients to be lost due to dental loss will be prevented.

In our clinic, canal treatment is usually performed in one session using ruber dam and microscope.