what is implant tooth


diş implantı nedir

What is a dental implant?

Implants are artificial tooth roots placed on the jaw bone and used to support the prostheses. These are screws made of more titanium, which replace the missing teeth, which can be used for long life and trouble-free life. They are placed in the jawbone by a small surgical procedure in a sterile environment by dentists.

How to make implant teeth?

Implant dental treatment usually varies depending on the patient’s condition and examination and some X-ray results. The main issue in the treatment of implants is to replace the teeth that people have lost due to certain reasons, to replace the teeth with their own teeth and to ensure that they can be used for many years without any problems.

Can implant treatment be applied to every patient?

The quality of the existing bone directly affects the success of the treatment. As long as the general health condition of the patient is good, there is no upper age limit that may prevent dental implant application. Before and after the treatment, the general health condition of the mouth and teeth, especially the gums, should be good. Impairment of oral care and physician controls has an extremely important role in the success of treatment. Implant application is not recommended for very young patients with incomplete bone development.

After treatment

As in all dental treatments, oral hygiene is very important in implant treatment. The life of the work is closely related to oral hygiene. A person who has received implant treatment needs to take advanced care of oral hygiene. Patients with poor oral hygiene are likely to lose the implant in the coming years.